Our intimate school community is located in Charlotte, North Carolina near Mallard Creek Park. We are proud to serve children from infancy to elementary, employing an educational method that speaks to both the heart and mind of a young child.

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why montessori?

Montessori is the one approach that has provided consistent answers to the fundamental recurring challenges in education. This 100-year-old movement is both timely and timeless.

  • You’ll be amazed at what a young child can do! In a Montessori school classroom, children learn joyously at their own pace. They practice activities that feel like play but teach practical skills, academic essentials, and true independence.

  • Since children in Montessori classrooms move freely and choose their own activities, children learn to take turns and respect one another’s work space. Younger children in the group look up to, and are inspired by, older role models. Older children have an opportunity to practice leadership and kindness.

  • Montessori prepares each child for personal and academic success. Classrooms are filled with enticing learning materials that stimulate verbal, scientific, and mathematical aspects of the young child’s mind. Engaging sequential activities build component skills, and culminate in deep knowledge.

  • A new program coming soon to Prosperity Guidepost, Nido is Italian for “nest”, the name that Montessori gave to the calm, cozy, home-like environment for infants. It captures the idea of warmth and security, and is a place where little people feel cared for and loved — safe to explore and grow. Babies move freely in a calm and beautiful classroom, developing confidence while learning to self-feed, crawl and walk.

  • The toddler classroom is just the child's size, so little ones really can do things all by themselves (as we all know they love to do)! Throughout this age of dramatic change, the toddler classroom maximizes learning and minimizes frustration, with predictable routines and purposeful, engaging activities that target each area of a child’s growth.

  • The Montessori “Casa dei Bambini”, or Children’s House, is designed for the preschool and kindergarten-aged child to explore engaging activities that isolate skills, as they work toward mastery of what they can do. Most children leave the Children’s House at age 6 comfortable with reading, writing sentences, and doing mathematical operations into the thousands.

  • Our Montessori Elementary classroom for 6—9 year-olds engages your child's imagination, encourages ownership of their learning, and invites collaboration and the development of leadership skills. As your child begins to think more abstractly, they will explore the reaches of the universe and the history of ancient times, and begin to build a foundation for a future of academic success.

  • Children flourish when families are closely connected to other families, and to their child’s caregivers. Your Guidepost campus is set up to be more than your neighborhood school — it can become your home away from home.

  • At Guidepost, you're given the resources to understand and support your kids, through events, classroom observations, photos, email updates, social media engagement, regular conferences, and progress reports.

  • One hundred years ago, Maria Montessori provided a powerful vision of what is possible in children's education. Her vision stays alive in your educational community, through regular professional development, parent events, and the very fabric of our organizational culture.

  • Your child's education works best when the busywork stays out of the way. Guidepost staff are trained to run an automated, efficient office, so that parents and educators can focus on what’s important.

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